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What type of movie are we heading for people!!!

Love, Hate, Revenge, Documentary, Sport, Comedy, Drama

whatever make up something else you decide


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Directors Message

Dear all its “Grumpy” the blog film project director.

What i would like is the film synopsis first even if its a one line idea bring it on.

With the script the same line by line doesnt matter who wrote it.

Get the drift my dudes. Im based in newcastle NSW Australia but contributions from the world accepted as long as in english. I do not want whole manuscripts but contributions from the eclectic mix of our cyberworld.


I can be emailed at but please no submissions here unless for some reason you have something of a confidential nature to add. Otherwise blog it dudes and dont forget your details otherwise you wont get in the credits.

Thanks all lets make a film together!!!!

Im just going to chuck ideas up and for the majority we will reach conclutions of what should be added by concencus.

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