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Grumpy’s idea

The price of freedom

The intelligence organisation confronts the prime minister with a confronting decision. Order the execution of one man whom the evidence wont stand up in a court of law or they know 100% that this man will be responsible for the murder of 1000 Australians. The prime minister declines to order such an execution as it go’s against the laws of the country. 1000 people die. They approach the prime minister again and ask yet again for the approval to execute another person where the evidence will nopt stand up or a few hundred children will die. He gives the approval. they take the person out and the children are safe. The oposition gets a leak about the order from the prime ministers office staff and they give the story to the media and bring down the government and have the prime minister put in jail for an unlawfull command asio is in disrepair after the incident. Was the price of freedom of the press worth it? Wasnt it my right to live in peace and trust my prime minister and intelligence organisations enough not have been told about this and me live safe in the knowledge my child did not die because they saved him. etc its the whole why tell me why beat up a story why by the paper dont tell me just do it i want you to protect me etc.

so much can be done script wise for this I think its a really freaken good idea but its my own so i put it to you all. AND BEFORE YOU START HERE he go’s on the whole media are wankers line THEY ARE OK!!!! we dont need to know what our intelligence organisation does to secure our national safety it media and public opinion that causes more deaths than could be saved due to simple operations like this. OH SO TRUE BUT NO COMMENT ON SPECIFICS BUT YOU KNOW IT DUDES IM RIGHT!!!!

Long live ASIO long Live ASIS Long live Australia and a top movie idea i believe


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Directors Message

Dear all its “Grumpy” the blog film project director.

What i would like is the film synopsis first even if its a one line idea bring it on.

With the script the same line by line doesnt matter who wrote it.

Get the drift my dudes. Im based in newcastle NSW Australia but contributions from the world accepted as long as in english. I do not want whole manuscripts but contributions from the eclectic mix of our cyberworld.


I can be emailed at but please no submissions here unless for some reason you have something of a confidential nature to add. Otherwise blog it dudes and dont forget your details otherwise you wont get in the credits.

Thanks all lets make a film together!!!!

Im just going to chuck ideas up and for the majority we will reach conclutions of what should be added by concencus.

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